Standing Committees

The ULC has a limited number of standing committees. Standing committees are permanent committees of the ULC, appointed to do assigned work on an ongoing basis.

Executive Commitee  

The Executive Committee is the ULC’s governing board and has the responsibility for implementing the policies adopted by the ULC at its meetings, and all the duties and powers prescribed by the Constitution ...


Legislative Committee  

The Legislative Committee, with at least one liaison in each state and territory, is responsible for seeking the state enactment of uniform and model acts approved by the ULC.


Legislative Council  

Legislative Council


Membership and Attendance  

The Committee on Membership and Attendance encourages the prompt filling of vacancies in membership of the ULC; encourages members to attend meetings of the ULC; and acts as a reception committee for new ...


Parliamentary Practice  

The Committee on Parliamentary Practice members serve as parliamentarians at ULC annual meetings. Each session of the annual meeting has a parliamentarian on duty. The role of the parliamentarian is ...


Public Information  

The Public Information Committee was established: to develop, on an ongoing basis, strategies to improve and assure that the work of the ULC is timely and accurately communicated to the public, with particular ...


Scope and Program  

The Committee on Scope and Program recommends to the Executive Committee the work the ULC should undertake and the general plan and scope of its activities.



The Committee on Style revises as to phraseology and style, but without altering meaning or context, all acts submitted to it by drafting committees, and all acts finally approved by the ULC. This committee ...