Committee Meetings

If authorized by the chair of the Executive Committee, a meeting of a committee may be called by its chair; or by the president of the Conference; or by the division chair. For assistance scheduling a meeting by teleconference or webinar, please click here.

Drafting committees typically meet once in the fall and once in the spring to prepare for line-by-line reading at the Annual Meeting. Meeting notices are posted to the website and distributed to the full committee roster approximately 60 days prior to the meeting. Meeting attendees are responsible for registering, making hotel reservations and travel arrangements. There are no registration fees, however registration is essential in order to have accurate counts for our meetings. Drafts, issues memoranda, and other meeting materials are distributed to the full committee roster and posted on the ULC website 21 to 30 days in advance of the committee meeting in order to give commissioners, advisors, and observers the optimal amount of time to review them. The committee chair prepares an agenda for each meeting. The members of a committee present at a meeting of the committee constitute a quorum.

The Committee on Scope and Program meets twice a year, once in January and once during the annual meeting. A project proposal should first be submitted to the Committee on Scope and Program which acts as the initial screening agency to determine whether the subject merits consideration by the Conference. The Committee on Scope and Program reports its findings, conclusions, and recommendations to the Executive Committee. For information on project proposal guidelines, criteria and proposal submission, click here. Project proposals must be submitted by December 15 for consideration at the midyear meeting and by June 15 for consideration at the annual meeting.

Joint Editorial Boards and other special and standing committees may also meet in person in the fall or spring. See the ULC Meeting Calendar for more details.

All meetings of all committees are open to the public. The committee chair may determine who may actively participate. ULC maintains mailing lists for each committee. If you are interested in following the work of a committee, please see the committee page for additional information on how to become involved.

Reimbursement Form

The Uniform Law Commission normally reimburses only ULC Commissioners, reporters and members of Editorial Boards for travel, lodging, and meals related to attendance at authorized regular committee meetings or other pre-approved special travel. Expenses of other persons will be paid only if specific, prior approval is obtained from the president or chair of the Executive Committee. Reimbursement requests must be submitted within 30 days of travel. Detailed reimbursement guidelines can be found on the second page of the reimbursement form.

Reimbursement Form