Upcoming Events

The list below is the calendar of upcoming meetings and events for the Uniform Law Commission.

Meeting dates, times, and locations are updated periodically.  Please check back at a later time if registration for your specific meeting is not available.

November 18, 2021 Telehealth Virtual Meeting
November 19-20, 2021 Special Deposits Virtual Meeting
December 3-4, 2021 JEB for Uniform Trust and Estates Acts Chicago, IL
December 6, 2021 Cybercrime Virtual Meeting
December 7, 2021 Public Health Emergency Authorities Virtual Meeting
December 8, 2021 UCC Virtual Meeting
December 10, 2021 PEB on UCC Virtual Meeting
December 13-14, 2021 Mortgage Modifications Virtual Meeting
December 14, 2021 Determination of Death Virtual Meeting
January 10, 2022 Election Law Virtual Meeting
January 13, 2022 Review ULC Acts New Orleans, LA
January 14, 2022 Scope and Program New Orleans, LA
January 15, 2022 Executive Committee New Orleans, LA
January 20, 2022 Restrictive Covenants in Deeds Virtual Meeting

Future Annual Meetings

July 8-14, 2022 2022 Annual Meeting Philadelphia, PA
July 21-27, 2023 2022 Annual Meeting Honolulu, HI